The ‘Haunted’ House in Ruiru & Funny Tales Behind its Mystery

Kenya, like many countries around the world, boasts a number of haunted and mysterious locations that capture global attention. These places lure curious tourists eager to uncover the truth behind their eerie stories and strange phenomena. Haunted sites fascinate with their residual paranormal aura, whether through tales of disembodied voices or spine-chilling experiences.

Visiting these locations offers a glimpse into the unknown and an opportunity to unravel historical mysteries, regardless of one’s belief in the supernatural.

Among Kenya’s most eerily intriguing spots is the infamous Ruiru house.

The Haunted House in Ruiru

Built in 1990, this enigmatic house stands less than 20 meters from the bustling Ruiru-Kiambu road. Despite its proximity to daily activity, it has remained unoccupied for over 30 years. Nearby, “Moon Hunters,” a lively home built in the early 2000s, contrasts sharply with its neighbor, echoing with the laughter and stories of its residents.

In stark contrast, the three-story Ruiru house, with its aura of opulence and wealth, lies abandoned, succumbing to neglect and decay. Local whispers attribute its desolation to chilling accounts of malevolent forces haunting its rooms.

The Legends

According to local legend, those who settled near the house reported inexplicable occurrences, such as stones being thrown by unseen entities. These eerie tales have cemented the house’s reputation as a place to be avoided.

The Current State

Today, the once-stately structure, with its dusty, broken windows and expansive compound, is overrun by weeds. The tiled roof, once a symbol of elegance, is now obscured by a carpet of grass. Despite its grandeur, the contrast between the haunted house’s former glory and its current dilapidated state is stark. Encircled by corrugated iron sheets at the front and back, it stands as a perplexing monument to the mysteries it holds.

The haunted Ruiru house continues to baffle and intrigue, its eerie presence a silent testimony to the unknown stories of the past.