DRAMA as Victor Okero, Relationship Manager at NCBA Bank,caught by wife ‘having fun’ with his girlfriend in their matrimonial bed

A senior bank manager in Nairobi finds himself at the center of a scandal after his wife discovered him with a mistress in their matrimonial bed. The shocking incident occurred when the wife unexpectedly returned home, only to find her husband in a compromising situation.

Overwhelmed by anger and betrayal, she recorded the entire encounter on her phone.

The wife then decided to share the video online, where it quickly went viral. The footage has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media, drawing widespread attention to the bank manager’s infidelity.

Many users have expressed sympathy for the wife, while others have condemned the manager’s actions.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans:

Murugi: As long as it’s a matrimonial bed and the wife was just around, this is disrespectful. How did it even get here? That’s too painful to handle.

4LOWKE: At what point does a man decide to take another woman to his house and on the same bed that he sleeps with his wife?

Kijana Wa Ngara: Why would a man bring another woman into his matrimonial bed? Is the wife a problem?

Akinyi: Ladies, let’s love ourselves. A man who takes you to his house to have sex with you in his matrimonial bed doesn’t respect himself or you at all.

Sharrif Jere: I don’t see anything wrong. Polygamy should be normal. How does the husband having another woman reduce her life?

Silwal: Will it solve her problem? Men don’t cheat; we expand our territories. Though this one is a coward, he should have introduced her officially as part of their family. The wife would accept her co-wife.

Koech: Recording and sharing your husband’s video/photo is a lack of respect. If it was the first time, you should forgive. If it was a frequent thing, you should have gotten used to it or divorced. And you are bringing a kid into a hazard zone? Polygamy should reduce surplus women.