Prof Hamo Says Husbands Must Submit to Their Wives

Comedian Herman Gakobo Kago, popularly known as Prof Hamo, recently disclosed that he used to submit to his wife, Zipporah, before he became famous. He shared this in a video he posted on TikTok, where he also stated that most men are submissive to their wives, but they do not admit it publicly. According to Hamo, a healthy relationship is one where a man submits to his wife.

Hamo recalled that he was involved in a mega scandal that trended for days when he refused to obey his wife. He fathered two children out of wedlock with comedienne Jemutai, and blogger Edgar Obare exposed him for neglecting the children. He believes that men should submit to their wives as they are companions who should be respected.

The comedian further explained that before he became famous, he used to be submissive to his wife. He would go back home every day after work, and his wife’s word was final. He acknowledged that he was afraid of his wife and that he had to submit to her. However, he emphasized that there was nothing wrong with that, as most men submit to their wives, although they may not talk about it.

Hamo warned that some people make wrong choices when it comes to choosing partners and listening to unmarried people’s advice. He said that the so-called relationship coaches who sell lies on social media are the same ones who fail in their marriages. Hamo revealed that he is happily married despite the ups and downs in his relationship.

In another development, Jemutai, the mother of Hamo’s two children, recently disclosed that she suffered after getting pregnant with her first child. In an interview with The Kisiangani Podcast, Jemutai revealed that she had to move out of her mother’s house and rented a Ksh5,000 house where she slept on the floor. She turned down a Ksh5 million job offer because she was scared that people would find out that she was dating Hamo. She said that she used to cry and had to seek help from her friend, Mammito, as she could not afford to pay rent.

In conclusion, Prof Hamo’s revelation about being submissive to his wife before he became famous highlights the importance of respect in a relationship. Hamo believes that a healthy relationship is one where both parties submit to each other. However, he warns against listening to unmarried people’s advice on relationships and choosing the wrong partners. Jemutai’s story also reminds us that relationships can be challenging, and people need to make wise decisions to avoid suffering.