Always Busy, No Time: Samidoh’s Brother Says It’s Difficult to Meet Singer Because of His Women

Kariz Magic, brother of mugithi musician Samidoh, opened up on his sibling relationship, saying that he doesn’t get to see Samidoh as much as he’d want.He credited Samidoh’s wives, Edday Nderitu and Karen Nyamu, the mother of his children.

Kariz Magic, brother of popular Mugithi musician Samidoh, admits that the two rarely interact. Samidoh is too occupied to spend time with his sibling.

Kariz Magic, the man, assured fans of the superstar’s well-being in a recent TikTok interview that went viral on Kikuyu Nation. Nonetheless, he did say that they seldom saw each other due to scheduling constraints.

According to Kariz, his brother is preoccupied with the ladies.Though our interactions are infrequent, we do get to see each other occasionally. Time and his ladies, I suppose. I see nothing wrong with what he is doing.

Edday publicly shames Samidoh.

Edday, Samidoh’s wife, recently wrote a heartfelt message explaining why she will not be raising their children in a polygamous union.She claimed that Senator-elect Karen Nyamu has no morality.

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There have been many ups and downs in our marriage of 15 years. We started out with very little, but even that was enough. However, the past three years have been nothing but anguish. Despite being treated badly, made fun of, and harassed on social media, I have remained devoted to you. Because of your assumption and disregard for my quiet, I now look like an idiot.

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I’ve helped you develop your skills and been there for you no matter what, but there’s one thing I’ve told you before and will say again: don’t give up. I refuse to create a polygamous household for my future offspring. Particularly with a woman more than ten years my senior who has no ethics and no regard for my family,” the text stated in part.