Pritty Vishy tells off ‘thirsty’ women sliding in her new man’s DM

Dating in Nairobi is akin to participating in a challenging sport. It often feels like a constant pursuit or being pursued, resulting in exhaustion and heartbreak.

Speaking of relationships, Pritty Vishy seems to have found a new partner after parting ways with Stivo Simple Boy, who introduced her to the world of social media.

Interestingly, many people seem delighted that Vishy has found herself a foreign partner, whom she proudly showcases on her social media accounts. Unlike her previous lover, Stivo Simple Boy, the new beau reciprocates her affection by showering Vishy with compliments on his own online platforms.

Vishy appears to be smitten with her new love interest. She revealed that he resides abroad, leading us to assume that he might be visiting the country, based on Vishy’s recent outburst where she warned women against sliding into her man’s DMs.

In a post, Vishy expressed her frustration with the attention her partner receives from other women, questioning why they are interested in him and urging them to show a little more maturity. While it’s unclear how genuine her claims are, the fact that she shared this information on her social media suggests that she believes it to be true.

“Take a look at this man. He gives me goosebumps…he’s the most handsome man in Kenya. He’s my backbone,” Vishy bragged, asserting her dominance over other women in her partner’s life.

Vishy’s remarks sparked a rivalry with Manzi wa Kibera, as many fans in the comment section felt compelled to tag the mentioned individual. This raises the question of whether this is another orchestrated stunt by both women.

For months, Manzi wa Kibera has been claiming to be in a relationship with a 60-year-old man, her alleged boyfriend. With previous failed attempts to gain attention, it seems that Manzi wa Kibera has resorted to yet another clout-chasing endeavor.

At present, we cannot confirm whether these two women are collaborating on this spectacle or if Vishy is simply trying to regain attention since she hasn’t been making headlines like before.

While Vishy has been linked to various boyfriends on social media, many doubt the authenticity of her current relationship. However, one must consider whether she would repeat the same mistake again. Perhaps she would, or perhaps not.

Nevertheless, it is evident that Pritty Vishy is engaging in these clout stunts for fame and financial gain.