“I Have Infected around 273 Students With HIV now”, 1st Year Maseno University Student reveals

A Maseno University student named Diana has recently disclosed that she has inadvertently transmitted HIV to a number of individuals, including fellow students and lecturers. She has further expressed her intention to expand this number to 1,000 within the span of four years….. CONTINUE READING

In a surprising revelation shared on Facebook, Diana, a first-year student at Maseno University since 2017, openly acknowledged her HIV-positive status. Despite her striking appearance, she has been grappling with this virus. Since her enrollment at Maseno University, she claims to have had sexual encounters with 273 students and 3 lecturers, with an ongoing tally. Diana admits to engaging in these activities as a coping mechanism, driven by the belief that she should not be the sole bearer of this affliction, wishing to spread the burden to others.

Her contraction of the virus originated from her neighbor, who infected her upon their completion of high school. The overwhelming bitterness that consumed her persisted until she decided to alleviate her suffering by transmitting the virus to others. Diana finds solace in witnessing her peers seek treatment through ARV medication.

Within the confines of Maseno University, Diana maintains a facade of normalcy. When confronted by those she has infected, she deflects their anger with the question, “Did I force you?” She plans to disclose the names of those individuals she has transmitted the virus to in the near future