Stevo Simple Boy Threatens to Sue Pritty Vishy

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy is considering legal action against his ex-girlfriend, social media influencer Pritty Vishy, citing defamation as the cause. During an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Stevo Simple Boy expressed his frustration with his ex-girlfriend constantly mentioning his name.

The artist, famous for his hit song “Freshi Barida,” issued a stern warning to Pritty Vishy, demanding that she cease using his name. He emphasized that if she continues to do so, he will be compelled to pursue legal measures against her.

“Awache kutumia jina langu Pritty Vishy akuwe yeye mwenyewe. Asiponiongelea hana content, mimi nimemweka mjini, mimi ndio nimemjenga. Prityy alikuja na jina langu. Awache kutumia jina langu, popote alipo akitumia jina langu basi nitampeleka kortini.”

His wife, Grace Atieno, who was also present, supported Stevo Simple Boy and voiced her opinion about Pritty Vishy, stating that she must stand up for her husband.

“Siwezi mjibu kitu sahizi, nikiamua kumchamba, ipo njiani, nitamchamba tu. Vile anaongea huko nje haongei vizuri. Mi namjua lakini sijui kama ananifahamu. Stevo mi namjua ni mtu mpole na watu wengi wanajua. Mi mwneye naishi naye ndani mi ndio namwelewa shida zake, so lazima ningesimama kumwongelea.”

A few days earlier, Stevo’s wife, Grace Atieno, had criticized his management company, Men in Business, accusing them of mistreating the artist and embezzling funds from him.

In response, Pritty Vishy commented on the situation, stating that Stevo was too dependent on women to defend him or speak up on his behalf. She expressed disappointment that Stevo Simple Boy could not stand up for himself and relied on the women in his life to protect him in challenging situations.

Pritty Vishy mentioned that she was grateful to have left Stevo’s life when she did. She stated that she used to waste her energy defending him but has now redirected that energy towards personal growth.

In another post, she held Stevo Simple Boy responsible for his own predicaments and defended his management, asserting that Stevo lacked patience. Vishy expressed her disappointment with the public for blaming and criticizing Vaga, the manager, despite his efforts to provide Stevo with a good life.