KRG’s said daughter Pauline warns her other siblings against stressing their dad with demands

KRG finds himself entangled in a dispute over paternity, as multiple women have come forward claiming that he fathered children with them before his rise to fame and wealth.

The first person to emerge in this saga is 19-year-old Yvonne, who boldly asserts that she is KRG’s daughter. Her mother, Susan Kinyanjui, provided compelling evidence that implicates the musician.

Despite the evidence presented, KRG has refused to undergo a DNA test to confirm Yvonne’s paternity. Nevertheless, he has offered to support her education.

Soon after Yvonne’s revelation, 18-year-old Brighder surfaced, claiming to be KRG’s biological son. Notably, the teenager bears a striking resemblance to the musician.

Brighder candidly shared his story during an interview with Vincent Mboya, shedding light on his background. He explained, “My mom is Tanzanian, but she raised me in Kenya. I have fully embraced the Kenyan culture. I have lived my life in Kenya, received my education in Kenya, and everything I have done has been in Kenya. My mother hails from Moshi, a place called Mwika.”

Brighder further disclosed that his mother had kept his biological father’s identity hidden from him until Susan Kinyanjui came forward to demand that KRG takes responsibility for Yvonne, the alleged daughter.

“In the past, my mother would struggle to say he is Kenyan and a famous artist. Then she would fall silent. But just last week, there were issues because she told me that my dad’s trending with stories about children in Kenya,” Brighder shared.

The teenager expressed his willingness to provide the necessary documents to prove that KRG is his father, stating, “If you ask for a DNA test or any documents that show he is my father, I am ready to do that. When the time comes, and you feel you need the full evidence, just let me know.”

Brighder also emphasized that his desire is simply to experience the love of a father and not to be ignored or treated as an outcast. He said, “What I want from the Don is just for him not to assume that I only want to benefit from him financially. I want to experience the affection and love that comes from having a father. There is nothing else I desire.”

Adding to the complex situation, Pauline Nyaboke emerged as another alleged daughter of KRG after Yvonne and Brighder had already come forward.

During an interview with the Kipawa YouTube channel, Pauline urged Brighder and Yvonne not to torment their father. She said, “I understand that he may have other children outside, but even I am his daughter. However, when they come forward claiming to be his children, it puts undue pressure on him. It doesn’t make me happy because I am his daughter too, but I don’t have that same level of pressure.”

Pauline stated that KRG has not been an absentee father in her life, as he has been present and fulfilled his paternal responsibilities by providing financial support. She shared, “I have cherished memories with my dad. You know, being an artist, he would come home and sing, inspiring me as his child.”

When asked if KRG had been responsible for her throughout her life, Pauline responded, “Yes, he has been sending me money. In fact, I haven’t asked him for money recently because I think he has forgotten, and I believe he is under a lot of pressure.”

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