Justina Syokau Cries Over lack of Men

It appears that Justina Syokau, the popular singer behind the hit song ‘Twendi Twendi Thili,’ is facing challenges when it comes to finding marital blessings, which contradicts her earlier statement at the beginning of the year.

In her message during the release of Twendi Twendi Thili, she proclaimed, “2023 is the year of harvest, it is the year of expansion. I will take over, it will be a year of income.” However, months later, the controversial gospel singer has opened up about her status as a single mother and her ten-year-long single life.

“Justina revealed, “I have been alone for the past ten years, raising my child by myself. Whenever I meet people, they reject me simply because I have one child.” She believes that men are put off by the fact that she is a single mother, and even having just one child seems to be a deal-breaker for them.

The musician, whose genre can’t easily be distinguished between gospel and world music upon first listen, has always been optimistic about her future, much like she was in 2020. She expressed her confidence that the upcoming year would bring substantial income for her, even claiming that she would receive a monthly harvest.

While she may be interested in pursuing a relationship, Justina finds that most men who show interest in her eventually lose interest after discovering that she has a child. She lamented, “I have faced numerous rejections. When you disclose to a man that you have a child, they perceive it as a burden. You find that he initially desired you and had plans to marry you. But the moment you mention that you are a single mother, he becomes disinterested.”