Police Officer Builds Lavish expensive Grave Of ksh 7 Million Shillings ,Buys A 3 Million Coffin In Preparations For His coming Death

Making headlines and surprising many, a retired police officer has undertaken a remarkable venture: the creation of an intricate grave and the acquisition of an extravagant coffin. This unconventional spectacle unfolded in the picturesque Kilimanjaro region, where Sabasita, a former police officer, dedicated two years to meticulously fashioning his own final resting place.

Choosing the outskirts of his homestead, Sabasita carved his grave in a serene enclosure protected by a robust stone wall. What sets this burial site apart is its unique ambiance, adorned with a variety of pictures featuring Sabasita in his military uniform alongside images of Tanzanian presidents and other prominent figures. This artistic touch has transformed his grave into a distinctive and personalized memorial.

Additionally, Sabasita proudly displays a banner on one wall, showcasing the various ranks he achieved during his dedicated years of service as a police officer. It stands as a testament to his lifelong commitment to public service.

However, one might question why Sabasita embarked on this unconventional project while still very much alive. Is it an eccentric endeavor? Sabasita maintains his sound mental faculties and explains that his actions stem from a deep-seated desire to plan for his inevitable future and spare his loved ones the hardships he witnessed during his parents’ funerals.

He shared his motivation, stating, “I have undertaken this endeavor while I am in good health and possess the necessary resources. My goal is to preempt the difficulties I observed when my parents passed away in 1995. I am also undertaking this project to alleviate the financial burden on my family and to serve as a poignant reminder that death is an inescapable part of life. As we age, our time on this earth grows shorter every day.”

Furthermore, Sabasita revealed that he invested nearly seven million Tanzanian shillings in the construction of his grave and is now in the final stages of preparing an opulent coffin, estimated to cost an additional three million shillings. It’s worth noting that, apart from these preparations, he has not made any other arrangements for his eventual passing. Nevertheless, he mentioned that legal experts are currently in the process of drafting his will.

In a world where discussions about mortality and funeral preparations are often avoided, Sabasita’s unique endeavor serves as a thought-provoking reminder of the impermanence of life and the importance of planning for the future. His dedication to creating a dignified resting place and easing the burden on his family reflects a profound sense of responsibility and foresight that is undeniably extraordinary.