Popular Kikuyu radio presenter who dumped wife while pregnant now selling eggs after losing job

Once a prominent voice on Kikuyu radio waves, including stations like Coro FM and Gukena FM, Munyeki Sonko, a familiar radio personality, has recently faced a downturn in fortunes. With the loss of his broadcasting job, Munyeki has resorted to selling boiled eggs, samosas, and sausages from a mobile cart to make ends meet.

Munyeki’s descent from grace hit him hard, especially considering his previous peak at Coro FM. It was during this time that he encountered the emerging Mugithi singer Joyce Wamama.

Offering to boost her music career, Munyeki capitalized on Joyce’s eagerness for recognition, resulting in a relationship that led to Joyce becoming pregnant.

Sadly, Munyeki’s reaction to Joyce’s pregnancy was devoid of empathy and compassion. He not only abandoned her but also hurled insults at her character, labeling her a ‘chokoraa’ (a derogatory term implying destitution) and denying their child, despite the child’s striking resemblance to Munyeki himself.

In a 2019 interview with Word Is, Munyeki acknowledged their past relationship but disclosed their separation after Joyce’s pregnancy. “She became pregnant and remained silent, and that’s when we parted ways,” he stated. “Seven months into her pregnancy, she resurfaced. The subsequent development was a song criticizing me titled ‘Wajogothaga Niki’ (Why did you seduce me and leave me when I got pregnant?). It was directed at me.”

Both parties acknowledge the demise of their romantic relationship but claim to maintain a friendship. However, they do not engage in co-parenting.

Left to navigate the challenges of parenthood alone, Joyce has bravely taken on the role of raising their child as a single mother.