Sad as Woman Dumps Husband for feeding her SukumaWiki daily

A Kenyan woman recently made the decision to terminate her romantic relationship, citing her ex-partner’s limited culinary skills, which revolved exclusively around Sukuma Wiki (kales) year-round.

Expressing her frustration, she revealed that her former partner failed to diversify their meals beyond the leafy greens throughout the entirety of their relationship.

Reported by Nation’s Taifa Leo, the man found himself single as the woman grew tired of a diet dominated by Sukuma Wiki.

Determined to pursue a more enriching partnership, she courageously opted to move on from a relationship that lacked variety and depth.

Speaking out about her decision, she emphasized her unwillingness to continue tolerating a diet solely consisting of vegetables.

“Siwezi kula matawi hapa kama mifugo,” she declared, asserting her refusal to consume greens like livestock.

As news of the breakup spread, netizens offered mixed reactions. Some voiced support for the woman, recognizing her right to seek a more balanced and fulfilling relationship.

Meanwhile, others criticized her for what they perceived as a trivial reason to end the connection.

On social media, @yammyenigma suggested, “Kuna mtu anacheza rough… There levels to this,” hinting that there might be underlying factors contributing to the breakup.

Another user, @wangombe_steve, humorously remarked, “Njaanuary 2024 has started with Kaka eating dust sawasawa,” humorously acknowledging the challenging start of the year for the man left behind.