Kenyans Slam Nairobi Governor Sakaja Over Plan To Build Nightclub At Uhuru Park, “huyu hana Akili Mzuri”

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s recent announcement to incorporate a nightclub within the premises of Uhuru Park has ignited a storm of criticism, disbelief, and contempt across online platforms.

During the official handover of Uhuru Park and Central Park from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) on April 18, the Governor unveiled his ambitious plan to transform the park into a vibrant social and economic center, aiming to embrace Kenyan culture and enhance county revenue.

Sakaja outlined his vision to introduce various business facilities within the park, including restaurants and a nightclub, as part of a public-private partnership initiative. He emphasized the park’s potential to serve as a designated area for social gatherings and celebrations, aiming to minimize disturbances in residential neighborhoods.

However, the proposal sparked immediate backlash online, with many expressing dismay at what they viewed as misguided priorities and a disregard for the sanctity of public spaces.

On social media platforms like X, individuals voiced their concerns, advocating for the preservation of Uhuru Park as a recreational haven for families rather than commercial ventures. Calls were made for investments in educational and green spaces, echoing the legacy of environmentalist Wangari Maathai’s advocacy for accessible green areas.

Critics, including voice artist Gathoni K and governance expert Scheaffer Okore, questioned the rationale behind prioritizing a nightclub over essential amenities such as libraries and improved urban infrastructure. They highlighted the pressing need for green spaces, enhanced public safety measures, and sustainable urban development in Nairobi.

Sakaja’s proposal adds to a series of controversial policies that have drawn criticism from various Nairobi associations. Opposition has arisen against initiatives such as the construction of skyscrapers, citing legal and environmental concerns.

In summary, Governor Sakaja’s plan to introduce a nightclub within Uhuru Park has ignited a fierce debate, underscoring broader concerns about urban planning, public space utilization, and community priorities in Nairobi.