Moi University Class of 2011 Student Camps Outside Lecturer’s Office Over Missing Marks

A student has stationed himself at the entrance of an institution, demanding resolution regarding his missing grades. Arriving at the university premises on March 28, he has staunchly refused to vacate until his academic records are rectified.

According to various sources, the student alleges that a former lecturer, who is no longer affiliated with the university, intentionally withheld his grades. A circulating online video captures the student expressing his grievances in a somewhat disorganized manner, interspersed with legal terminology, prompting concerns about his mental state.

Having parted ways with the institution in 2011, the student asserts that the absence of his grades has hindered his graduation. Despite enduring adverse weather conditions, he has purportedly declared a hunger strike until his academic standing is clarified.

As of now, the university has not released any official statement regarding the incident nor verified the student’s enrollment status at the School of Law Annex Campus.