BodaBoda Guy fumes after finding out he was sent to deliver weed

A delivery rider recently expressed his frustration towards a customer who failed to disclose the contents of a package before requesting his service.

According to the rider’s account, he received an assignment from a customer to deliver a parcel to a specific location—the Bani hostel at the University of Ghana, to be precise. Upon arriving at the designated spot, he collected the parcel, which was housed in a container labeled as a deep heat ointment box. Naturally, he assumed he was transporting an ointment to the intended recipient.

However, driven by curiosity, the rider decided to inspect the contents of the box and was taken aback to discover that it contained four rolls of marijuana. He couldn’t help but question why the sender neglected to inform him about the true nature of the package. He contemplated the potential consequences if he had encountered a routine stop-and-search by law enforcement officers from the Ghana Police Service.

To compound matters, the rider found it impossible to contact the sender, as their phone number was unreachable. Nevertheless, the sender was closely monitoring the progress of the delivery through the app.