“Umeingia Illuminati,” Kenyans Angry at Luwi Hausa

A segment of the Kenyan populace criticized the prominent actor Brian Ogana, who is widely recognized as Luwi Hausa in the entertainment world, over allegations of his affiliation with the enigmatic secret organization, the Illuminati.

Luwi gained prominence in 2019 following his notable appearance on the renowned Citizen TV series, “Maria.” His composed demeanor and impeccable fashion sense became the subject of admiration, particularly among female enthusiasts.

In a recent social media post, the actor ignited a whirlwind of discussions. This occurred when he shared an image of himself wearing a red T-shirt, his fingers forming a triangular shape around his eyes – a symbol commonly associated with the secretive Illuminati society. Accompanying his post was a cryptic caption that proved puzzling for many to decipher.

Using the hashtag “#SuitKing,” Luwi Hausa conveyed the message: “In a world lacking perception, an individual with heightened insight holds dominion. I have come to comprehend that spirituality involves nurturing inner vision through the awakening of the third eye and the eyes of the heart. Stay vigilant,” he expounded.

A significant portion of his admirers speculated that the actor had potentially resolved to become a member of the Illuminati.

“What does this symbol signify? Is it mandatory for their members to divulge their presence?”

“It appears Luwi is adhering to strict directives – let’s not hastily criticize him.”

“Luwi, have you embarked on that enigmatic journey? 😄”

“Is there a possibility you’ve embraced the realm of darkness? You’re finished.”

“I was convinced this gesture pertains to the Illuminati 🤔🤔🤔 My apologies for the presumption.”