Njoki Murira: 21-year old content creator giving men sleepless nights -

Njoki Murira: 21-year old content creator giving men sleepless nights

Njoki Murira has gained widespread attention in recent days due to her Facebook page reaching one million followers. The 21-year-old content creator has a significant following on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Njoki hails from the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes and her body shape is a key aspect of her online presence. She is well-known among internet users who admire women with voluptuous figures and she proudly displays this in all of her social activities and entertainment clips.

The content creator shoots most of her videos in a rural village setting, and her followers have dubbed her “Kienyeji” – a term used to describe well-raised village girls. Njoki is not ashamed of her roots and proudly represents her village, Magumu in Kamwangi, Gatundu North constituency.

On Twitter, Njoki is an avid advocate of abstinence before marriage. She describes herself as “the only Kikuyu who does not love money”. Her videos feature her gyrating her curvaceous behind, which has drawn countless “thirsty” fans to her social media pages.

Njoki’s signature short, dyed or braided hair complements her favorite shorts, making her followers drool over her steamy videos. She is among a few Kenyans who possess a highly coveted big nyash, alongside other celebrities such as Vera Sidika, Milly Chebby, and Justina Syokau.