Dem Wa Facebook: How I Met Brian Chira ” Nilimuomba Mechi Akaninyima”.

Famous Kenyan celebrity and comedian, Dem Wa Facebook, stirred up considerable controversy when she disclosed her initial encounter with the late Brian Chira and the subsequent events that unfolded.

According to the comedian, her introduction to Chira occurred through online platforms. Chira had publicly declared himself as persosexual, indicating his tendency to be attracted to personalities, hence associating himself with the LGBTQ community.

Dem wa Facebook expressed her determination to “save” Brian Chira and help him revert to heterosexuality. To pursue this goal, she proposed a friendly arrangement wherein Chira would engage in intimate relations with her repeatedly until he felt he had transitioned back to being straight.

Despite her overtures online, Chira rebuffed her advances, prompting her to initiate direct communication through private messages. When Chira questioned the sincerity of her proposal, she affirmed her seriousness and even expressed willingness to travel to his location at a moment’s notice. However, Chira declined her offer.

Dem wa Facebook interpreted Chira’s refusal to engage in physical intimacy with her as a noteworthy departure from typical male behavior. She believed that most men would not have hesitated in such a situation. From her perspective, her intention was solely to assist Chira in returning to heterosexuality and distancing himself from the LGBTQ community.