Ben Githae Turns To An Online Motivational Speaker After Backlash From Kenyans
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Ben Githae Turns To An Online Motivational Speaker After Backlash From Kenyans.

The Tano Tena hit maker has been on the receiving end for the better part of the last two weeks.

This is after Kenyans accused him of brainwashing them to support Uhuru’s governance through his Tano Tena song.

Kenyans online are displeased with him saying that he betrayed them into supporting a government that has been oppressing the ordinary citizens.

In an interview with Citizen Radio, he said that Kenyans will miss Uhuru once he retires from politics and should stop blaming him for Jubilee failures.

In a fleet of Facebook posts, Githae has now turned to an online motivational speaker in what seems like a strategy to redeem himself from the blame.

“Innocent and nice people are hurt easily because they trust wrong people ,not that I’m nice and innocent but my take today is that dont trust everyone at first glance ,mind your company and dont give all details of your closet. I Love you all,” he said in his latest post.

Githae had previously posted a cryptic message saying that when the right people come into one’s life they don’t need to force attention.

“When the right person comes into your life you won’t force attention ,you won’t force communication but you will be valued and respected.This not my original piece so dont accuse me of plagiarism I have borrowed but it has soome truth in it,” he stated.

Whether Githae will redeem himself from rrhe backlash, only time will tell.

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