“Nataka niende International! Akina Krg,Diana Bahati na Kaveve Kazoze wako kwa Dm Yangu wanaomba collabo” Wanja Kihii says.

Over the past weekend, emerging rap sensation Diana Wairimu, known by her stage name Wanja Kihii, generated a buzz throughout the streets with the release of a diss track aimed at various fellow artists.

What captivated the audience was not just her vocal prowess in delivering the song, but also the intriguing choice of her stage name. This curiosity stems from the fact that in the Kikuyu language, the term “Kihii” holds a derogatory connotation, referring to an uncircumcised man.

In an exclusive telephone conversation with Moses Sagwe, Diana Wairimu shared her insights into the rationale behind adopting this name despite its potentially negative undertones.

Wairimu, who unveiled a song titled ‘Zebra,’ where she humorously critiques and pokes fun at other artists, acknowledged her awareness of the significance of the name “Kihii.” However, she explained her decision to embrace it by emphasizing its unique nature.

“While I go by the name Diana Wairimu from Nyeri, I prefer being addressed as Wanja Kihii due to my fondness for tree planting. As long as it’s me, I don’t perceive any harm in utilizing that name. To me, Wanja Kihii holds more significance than Diana Wairimu.”

Discussing the track that propelled her into sudden fame, as it circulated widely on the internet, Wairimu clarified that despite the song being recognized as a satire on fellow artists, its official title is ‘Zebra.’

Nevertheless, Wairimu openly admitted her versatility as an artist, capable of seamlessly transitioning between comedy, rap, and various other forms of artistic expression.

“The song is called Zebra because I drop lines like a zebra’s stripes. In truth, it’s a diss track. I am an all-encompassing artist, delving into realms of creativity ranging from entertainment and TikTok to humor.”

Reflecting on her artistic journey, she shared, “But this is my second song; the first one that garnered attention was titled Wanja Kihii.” She further disclosed that her activities span both Nyeri and Nairobi, showcasing her vibrant artistic presence across locations.