Juacali: I Said Olunga Anacheza League Ya Mafala,Yeye ni Chokora tu. -

Juacali: I Said Olunga Anacheza League Ya Mafala,Yeye ni Chokora tu.

Veteran musician and Kenyan Genge legend, Juacali, recently opened up about his longstanding feud with one of Kenya’s finest footballers, Michael Ogada Olunga, who has also made a name for himself in Arab nations.

During an interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, hosted by Mwafreeka, Juacali boldly expressed that he stands by everything he said about Michael Olunga. Confidently, he asserted that his statements were undeniably true and had garnered support from fellow Kenyans.

Around a year ago, Juacali engaged in a heated Twitter exchange with Olunga, where the musician made strong remarks regarding Olunga’s achievements in Arab nations. Juacali contended that Olunga’s success in scoring many goals in the Qatari league was due to the league’s perceived lack of intensity and the alleged mediocrity of the players. He compared this to the more competitive nature of European leagues, using the World Cup as a prime example to illustrate his point.

Juacali further insisted that for Olunga to truly solidify his status as a superstar, he must make a move to Europe, particularly the coveted English football scene. The musician expressed that witnessing Olunga play in England would be an exhilarating moment, one that would lead Juacali to respect him as one of the finest players not only in Kenya but also in Africa. However, Juacali maintained that if Olunga persisted in playing in Arab nations, he would continue to harbor negative sentiments towards him and criticize his choices.

In conclusion, Juacali unapologetically reiterated his stance on Michael Olunga’s football career, standing firm in his belief that a shift to Europe would validate Olunga’s true potential as a footballing sensation. Only time will tell how this ongoing feud unfolds and whether Olunga will heed Juacali’s advice to take his talents to the European stage.