Stivo Simple Boy Opens up on Dating Kamene Goro.(Video).

In a surprising turn of events, Stivo Simple Boy has decided to express his heartfelt emotions towards renowned radio queen Kamene Goro. Stivo, who harbors an immense crush on Kamene, is fervently hoping for a stroke of luck that could lead to a romantic relationship with her.

During an exclusive interview on Kiss TV’s Friday Kiss Live with Oga Obinna, Stivo Simple Boy fearlessly confessed his feelings for Kamene Goro, openly declaring her as his dream girl. He admitted that whenever he hears Kamene’s voice, it sends shivers down his spine, leaving him captivated by her presence.

When asked about the specific qualities he admires in Kamene Goro, Stivo immediately highlighted her curvaceous figure, considering it one of the aspects he finds irresistible. He expressed his belief that Kamene Goro is the complete package and a deserving match for him.

“Kamene Goro ni mtoto milk maziwa, mtoto wello wello, ako na ma ngongingo. Sura nyerezi na kichuna mtamu sana,” exclaimed Stivo Simple Boy, emphasizing the allure of Kamene’s physical attributes.

Acknowledging that Kamene Goro is currently in a relationship, Stivo shared his conviction that he would be the perfect partner for her. Stivo firmly believes that he can serenade her with his soulful songs and provide her with the care and affection she deserves. Pouring out his heart to Kamene, he even performed a special freestyle to express his admiration for her.

Stivo Simple Boy’s courageous admission of his affection for Kamene Goro has undoubtedly stirred curiosity and sparked interest among fans and the public alike. Only time will tell whether fate will bring these two individuals together or if their paths will continue to cross solely in the realm of admiration and appreciation.