“Kuwa malaya ,wazungu are nasty in bed” akothee advises Kenyan girls. -

“Kuwa malaya ,wazungu are nasty in bed” akothee advises Kenyan girls.

In a recent post that has since been removed, Akothee made a rather bold claim about her ability to attract affluent Caucasian men. She asserted that her appeal to these individuals stemmed from her prowess in the bedroom.

According to her revelations, Akothee suggested that most Caucasian men possess a strong desire for an adventurous and unconventional sexual experience. Some of them even harbor specific fetishes and are captivated by more unconventional behavior.

She further asserted that a significant portion of Caucasian men seem to be drawn to women who exhibit a combination of intelligence and a certain boldness, akin to that of a professional courtesan. In her own words, she expressed, “Wanataka mtu mkitoka kwa kitanda uko na business concept.”

In her commentary, Akothee playfully poked fun at Kenyan women, suggesting that they tend to be overly devout and might struggle to find Caucasian partners who share their religious beliefs.

It’s worth noting that Akothee has been involved with over five affluent Caucasian men, two of whom are the fathers of her children. This raises the question of whether her insights are rooted in personal experiences. However, whether or not to heed her advice on attracting older Caucasian partners is a matter of individual choice, and only time will reveal the impact of her words on Kenyan women’s dating preferences.