Dolly Mungai: The Kenyan kikuyu Who Shops For Billionaire Aliko Dangote & Paul Pogba

Dolly Mungai is a Kenyan woman who has made a name for herself as a personal shopper for billionaire Aliko Dangote and soccer player Paul Pogba. Mungai has built a successful career in the luxury retail industry, using her keen eye for fashion and her ability to understand her clients’ needs and preferences to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Mungai’s journey to becoming a personal shopper for high-profile clients began when she moved to London to study fashion marketing at the University of the Arts. While in school, she worked part-time at luxury department stores and gained valuable experience in customer service and fashion styling. After graduating, Mungai landed a job as a personal assistant for Dangote, the wealthy Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. In this role, she was responsible for managing his schedule, coordinating his travel, and assisting with his personal shopping needs.

As Mungai worked closely with Dangote, she developed a deep understanding of his style and preferences. She began to take on more responsibilities in the shopping department, eventually becoming his primary personal shopper. Mungai also started working with Pogba, the French soccer star, in a similar capacity. She helps both men curate their wardrobes and shop for special occasions, such as red carpet events or business meetings.

In addition to working with Dangote and Pogba, Mungai has also established herself as a sought-after stylist and fashion consultant. She has worked with other high-profile clients, including celebrities and politicians, and has been featured in several publications for her expertise in fashion and luxury retail.

Mungai’s success as a personal shopper and stylist is a testament to her dedication and hard work. She has built a successful career by understanding the needs and preferences of her clients and helping them make informed decisions about their wardrobe. With her keen eye for fashion and her ability to anticipate her clients’ needs, Mungai is a valuable asset in the luxury retail industry.