How Trevoh Ombija’s Lover Fleeced Ex-Kisii Governor James Ongwae Before Eloping With The Citizen TV Anchor

In a fascinating twist of fate, the enigmatic Vanice Kwamboka, once known as the clandestine companion of former Kisii governor James Ongwae, has become the central figure in a tale of intrigue and financial manipulation. Her unique approach to her relationship with Ongwae sets her apart from the typical “side chick” stereotype, as she skillfully maneuvered the former county boss into investing in her future, primarily in the form of assets, including valuable properties.

While Ongwae believed he held a monopoly on Vanice’s affections, she was secretly involved with Citizen TV’s charismatic anchor, Trevoh Ombija. It was her underlying intention to fleece Ongwae, convincing him to invest in her future with Ombija. However, this covert affair did not remain concealed for long, as Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai became the first to unravel the intricacies of the Ombija-Vanice relationship.

The public eye turned toward this love triangle in October 2022 when a viral video depicted Citizen TV anchor Ombija passionately defending his lover’s establishment, Samaki Samaki, against noise complaints raised by residents. Ombija’s suggestion that homeowners should consider soundproofing their homes ignited a fiery response from Alai, who went on a Twitter rampage, insinuating that Ombija was advocating for Vanice due to his status as her “Ben 10” – a term commonly used to describe a younger man kept by an older, wealthier woman.

As the layers of this intriguing saga continued to unravel, it was revealed that Vanice also owned Treasure Gardens, a restaurant funded by the former Kisii governor. The revelation that Ombija was, in essence, Vanice’s “toy boy” ignited a maelstrom of mixed reactions on social media, leaving the public captivated by the complexities of this unconventional love affair and the financial manipulations that underpinned it.