Nairobi politician badly beats his wife (PHOTOs).

Molwem Ward MCA, Benson Mwangi is on the spot after he bady beat his wife.

According to a post shared by Gender activist, Njeri Wa Mwangi, Esther claimed that her husband threatened to kill her.

Read the sad story;

Hello Njeri wa Migwi,My name is Esther Kabura and I thought it would be wise to share my story with you because I seem to be lost.I have been married to a man by the name Benson Mwangi Macharia who is the current MCA of Mowlem ward nairobi and I have gone through hell in his hands.

We have been together for 10years now and we have three kids together.Infidelity came in when I was pregnant with my last born daughter who is now an year and a half old and things haven’t been easy for me and my kids.

He became violet on several occasions beat me up so badly I had to even report to the police and also sought medical attention,it escalated to a level he threatened to kill me and called my mum claiming he will kill me, as a parent my mum came for me tried to confront him in the presence of my uncles but he was arrogant they packed my stuff and I left my mum said better a divorced daughter than a dead one.

He then chose to use the tactic that he always did to make me go back to him but I refused.He took away my kids from me and said that they will only get educated if they live under his roof otherwise if not he shall not do so.

I got concerned and I reported the matter to the children’s rights offices in juja where I recide and they said because of his political status this case might be difficult for them to solve and they advised the court would be better…Knowing that he has suppressed me financially I wasn’t able to take that step.

Even though he was summoned to the offices he never showed up.

My kids are living with a househelp my second daughter is asthmatic she needs special attention and since his dad is a totally absent person from home then I feel my kids are not in safe hands, plus entrusting them to his male friends still doesn’t make me feel safe, mark you they are all girls aged 8 and 5.

I believe such young kids do need their mother and I need them too.I am a victim of attempted femicide and I stand up for women please I chose not to keep quiet and die.

He has threatened me that I can’t take him anywhere since he is a politician, please help a sister even if it’s making this public.