Why I chose a short wife, Kikuyu secular artist Cekar Junior explains

Kikuyu maestro Cekar Junior has stunned his fans after revealing the face of his wife, Mary Nyambura.

Nyambura is an inspiration to many in the society since she is abled differently. Nyambura is short in stature but she has not let that define her; she does everything other women do.Her husband who is a big name in the Kenyan music industry recently serenaded her in a song titled “Kanini Kega”.

Nyambura hails from Othaya but was brought up in Laikipia by her grandparents. She then moved to Nairobi to pursue studies in Human Resource.

For personal reasons, she did not complete her HR course but landed promotional jobs with an international company which is what she has been doing since then.

In a close-up interview with fellow artiste Ala C on his YouTube Channel, Cekar Junior and his wife displayed strong unity as a couple who have beaten societal odds to be where they are.

Cekar approached her by messaging her on Facebook and she blocked him. He persisted and came up with a proposal to do the “Kanini Kega” song which got her into his life.

Cekar known for his comical and at times controversial music highlighting different societal issues said he chose Nyambura in a bid to end stigma associated with those who are short in stature.

“When I loved her, it was because the short-statured people are ignored and I wanted to prove that there are people who are short in stature who know and can do big things which those big-bodied people cannot.”

Nyambura said that stigma is the biggest challenge that she has faced due to her short stature.

“Those with a short stature in our society pass through a lot of things. There is a lot of stigma and you even fear coming out in the presence of people because you are afraid.

Nyambura adds that discrimination also cost them opportunities because they are seen as non-performers.

“That’s why you see we apply for jobs and we are never given because they thing we can’t perform yet you know you could do it even better,” Nyambura adds