“Wait Until 20 Years, The Wife Will Be 73 Years And Husband 53 Years” Kenyans Tell Esther Musila

The public in Kenya was quick to respond on social media following an incident involving Esther Musila, the spouse of a renowned gospel artist, who offered a sharp response to a critic’s question about the possibility of her son marrying an older man.

In a tweet that was subsequently shared by a prominent television network, Esther Musila confidently stated that there was no cause for concern, emphasizing that her son’s destiny was intertwined with her and her husband’s.

“He is my future son, not yours, so there’s no need for anyone else to fret about it.”

This statement raised eyebrows because the couple had only been married for a year, and there was a significant age gap of 20 years between them. Many found it rather intriguing, as conventional expectations often dictate that the wife should be younger than the husband.

Some individuals took this as a reminder that while wealth might bring material comforts, it cannot guarantee happiness. They argued that the essence of a marriage is in nurturing a family, specifically having children, and encouraged the couple to explore that aspect of their relationship.