Khaligraph Jones: From Scoring D in KCSE to Bouncer ,Best Rapper to a MULTI Millionaire -

Khaligraph Jones: From Scoring D in KCSE to Bouncer ,Best Rapper to a MULTI Millionaire

The Biography of Khaligraph Jones is truly inspiring. From humble beginnings, he has risen to become one of the most successful rappers in Kenya and Africa, living a luxurious life. His story is a testament to the fact that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Khaligraph Jones, also known as Brian Ouko Robert, was born in 1990 and grew up in a dangerous area of Kenya. He has several siblings, including his eldest brother Span Kob and his sister Toti. Despite growing up in Bondo, he was raised in Nairobi’s Kayole neighborhood.

Although he doesn’t talk much about his education, it is known that he faced many difficulties, particularly after his father died from diabetes. His father had been the main provider for the family, and as a result, Khaligraph was forced to drop out of high school at some point. However, he later returned to school and managed to score a D+ before dropping out again.

After finishing high school, Khaligraph found work as a bouncer due to his large build. He bounced at several clubs in Nairobi, earning only KSH 500 per day. He also worked at a hotel, as a matatu tout, and even at a gym.

Despite the difficulties, Khaligraph never gave up on his dream of becoming a rapper. He began his music journey in 2008, but faced a lot of backlash as hip hop was not a popular genre in Kenya at the time. However, in 2013, his songs began to gain traction, and his first hit song, “Yego,” went viral. The song was dedicated to Julius Yego, who had recently won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

From there, Khaligraph continued to release hit after hit, including “Micasa Su Casa,” “Toa Tint,” “Omollo,” “Nataka Iyo Doh,” and “Mat za Ronga.” He was even featured on Coke Studio Africa, which gave him even more exposure. Since 2017, he has become the face of Kenyan hip-hop, and in 2020 he was nominated for a BET award, and the following year he won the Soundcity award for best rapper in Africa.

Currently, Khaligraph is the top rapper in Kenya and Africa, earning millions from his music. His rate card for performances is around KSH 500,000, and he is a millionaire. He is also a devoted family man, with a beautiful partner, Georgina Muteti, with whom he has three children. He also has a child with his ex-girlfriend, Cashy Karimi.

Khaligraph has also invested his money wisely. He owns a car yard, Omollo Customize, where he sells refurbished cars. His net worth is estimated to be over KSH 200 million. He is currently building a multimillion-dollar mansion and has a collection of personal sleek cars, including a Range Rover worth over KSH 5 million. This is the story of Khaligraph Jones – a true inspiration.