“Nimerudi Soko,” Kelvin Mboya Introduces New Girlfriend

Kenyan social media star Kelvin Mboya has seemingly moved on from his recent heartbreak, as he introduces his new girlfriend to the world. Mboya recently became an internet sensation after his tweet about his planned visit to Kwale to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday went viral. However, when his silence extended, many predicted that his romantic visit had ended in tears. Mboya later confirmed the concerns and revealed that he had returned home with a broken heart.

Now, Kelvin has shared a short video clip of himself with a beautiful lady, walking to a parked car and holding a bouquet of flowers. The lady shared the clip on her Instagram account and tagged Mboya’s name with a heart emoji, indicating that the two are an item.

In a recent interview, Mboya revealed that he has known the woman from Kwale for three years and refuted claims that he created the story for attention. He stated that he is ready to love again and is open to a new chapter in his life.

Overall, Kelvin Mboya’s fans and followers are excited to see him moving on and finding happiness after his heartbreak. They look forward to hearing more about his journey and new love story.