Nuru Okanga: I was offered 200 million to join UDA

In a recent revelation, Nuru Okanga, a member of Azimio One Kenya Alliance and Bunge La Wananchi, has brought to light the generous offers he received from leaders of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to abandon his support for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In a televised interview, Okanga revealed that associates of President William Ruto approached him with enticing incentives, hoping he would forsake his allegiance to “BABA” (a term of respect for Raila Odinga). The UDA leaders allegedly dangled an astounding sum of two hundred million Kenyan shillings in cash before him, accompanied by the promise of a luxurious Range Rover Sport vehicle. Additionally, they offered to build him an opulent house in the upscale neighborhood of Karen, all as inducements to sway his loyalty.

However, Okanga firmly declined the alluring offer, standing firm on his primary mission to fight for the rights and interests of the Kenyan people. He made it clear that he is not willing to prioritize personal gain over the well-being of his fellow citizens, who are currently grappling with the challenges of a high cost of living.

In essence, Nuru Okanga’s dedication to the welfare of the people remains unshaken, as he resolutely turns away from temptations that could compromise his commitment to the betterment of Kenya and its populace.