Controversy as Akothee Finally Breaks Silence After Reports of Removing Her Ring: What Does This Mean for Her Marriage with Omosh?

Growing apprehension regarding singer Akothee’s marriage has been steadily mounting among Kenyans, leading many to ponder the future of a once-promising union.

Over the past several months, Akothee has maintained an enigmatic silence concerning her husband, Denis ‘Omosh’ Shweizer, prompting online sleuths to press for answers regarding his whereabouts.

On a recent Thursday, the 43-year-old musician posted a video enjoying a sumptuous meal. Predictably, the comments section was inundated with a plethora of inquiries and opinions, particularly regarding her marital status. One social media user raised the question of whether Akothee had removed her wedding ring and called upon her to provide clarification.

“Did Akothee remove her wedding ring? I’m posing the question to the Instagram in-laws,” inquired @janet_williams0 on Instagram.

Akothee, seemingly averse to the query, retorted, “Yes, I did, call the police and wear yours.”

Upon closer scrutiny of the video she shared, it was apparent that she was wearing two rings on her left hand. It remains uncertain whether these rings are the same ones that symbolized her marriage.

Other Instagram users playfully reminisced about the Swiss man she wed in April.

One user expressed how they missed the Swiss man and pointed out Akothee’s recent silence regarding him, conveying that online fans were longing for updates.

“These days you don’t talk about Omu-husband?? We miss him,” commented @geogeousgal32.

Akothee’s response was a playful, “Go marry him so you don’t miss him.”

@ressymercy chimed in, “I miss Omosh.”

In retort, the singer quipped, “Miss your husband, your lover, or whatever, how do you miss someone else’s life? Don’t you have your own?”

In recent times, social media users have been expressing their growing concerns about the fate of Akothee and Omosh’s marriage, which was solemnized on April 10 this year.

Initially, the couple displayed a close and affectionate relationship, frequently exchanging sweet declarations of love on social media. However, this amicable dynamic has been conspicuously absent for a significant period, sparking apprehension among social media users and fueling their curiosity.