Wakadinali’s songs pulled down from youtube

Wakadinali, the prominent hip-hop group in the country, is currently facing a predicament. Some of their popular songs have been taken down from YouTube.

Originating from Eastlands, Wakadinali has consistently produced chart-topping hits. Their breakthrough track, “Morio Anzenza,” released in 2019, propelled them to stardom and has become a street anthem. The song features female Emcee Dyana Cods, who is also signed to Zozanation.

Wakadinali’s Scar, Domani, and Sewersyder are members of the Zozanation label, which has other top artists such as Dyana Cods and Sir Bwoy. The group parted ways with their former producer, Afrvka, resulting in disagreements that have escalated to the point where the producer has removed several of their hit songs, such as “Morio Anzenza,” “Eye Contact,” and “Geri Inengi,” which had accumulated over three million views from their YouTube channel.

Insiders suggest that the group is experiencing internal conflicts with fellow label members, but a resolution is being pursued. Their most recent YouTube releases, “McMCA” and “Rong Regea,” were posted one and five months ago, respectively.