Andrew Kibe, KRG the Don and Babu Owino Hang Out Together

Kenyan dancehall artist KRG the Don and Kenyan media personality Andrew Kibe, based in the US, appear to have resolved their differences. The unexpected reconciliation was captured on video as they hung out with lawmaker Babu Owino. Fans, who had been anticipating a showdown between the two online frenemies, were surprised by the turn of events.

The video, reportedly recorded on a Tuesday in Nairobi, showcased a gathering initiated by Vlogger Andrew Kibe. Kibe had invited both Babu and KRG to discuss his new content creation platform. The platform aims to attract a substantial audience, with Kibe envisioning over 1.4 billion Africans subscribing to it.

Prior to KRG sharing the video of their meet-up, Hon. Babu Owino had already taken to social media to share pictures with Kibe. In these images, Babu encouraged netizens to subscribe to Yafreeka, Kibe’s channel.

Babu Owino’s social media post read, “It was a pleasure meeting Andrew Kibe for an intellectual/brainstorming interview, which will be out today. Don’t miss this. Kibe is a gentleman in person and exudes wisdom effortlessly. He has initiated his channel called YAFREEKA, targeting the 1.4 billion population in Africa and beyond. This is an incredible channel that will unite Africans by discussing challenges and solutions in Africa.”

In December 2023, KRG and Andrew Kibe engaged in intense online exchanges, leading fans to speculate that if the two ever met in person, it would result in significant confrontations.