Kakamega Man Finally Gets Circumcised After Evading Cut For 20 Years

A man from Kakamega has at last been approved to join the “table of men” after he got circumcised on Monday.

Douglas Olumwachi, 35, from Butali Village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County at last got the cut before his family this week after evading the knife for nearly 20 years.

As per his dad Francis Olumwachi, the dad of two had concocted various approaches to avoiding the blade since his adolescent years.

“I am now glad my son can join the table of men,” said Francis as quoted by K24 Digital.

On his part, Douglas said he was relied that he will not need to continue looking over his shoulders, stressing when he would get caught.

“I am grateful to the community for organizing my circumcision. I can now rest easy without fearing that they would come for me in subsequent initiation seasons,” he said.