Sijui kama ni wangu”-Professor Hamo Asks For DNA Test After A Lowkey Meeting With Jemutai

“Sijui kama ni wangu”-Professor Hamo Asks For DNA Test After A Lowkey Meeting With Jemutai.

After serving Kenyans with drama for the better part of last week, Comedian Hamo and Jemutai allegedly met and agreed on co-parenting.

It is reported that on Wednesday, May 5,the two met in a secret meeting at Big Square hotel days after a meeting with their boss, Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill.

Jemutai had previously accused Hamo of neglecting his two babies, calling him a Dead Beat Dad.

It is also reported that the two after a lengthy discussion agreed that Hamo would take responsibilities of the kids.

He is said to have asked for a DNA test done on the kids to confirm that he is really the father after rumours spreading online indicated that one of the kids was sired by Comedian Sleepy David.

Jemutai had previously reached out to Blogger, Edgar Obare to help her sell her Facebook account seeing that she was going through a rough patch and paying rent and feeding her kids has been a problem.

It is here that she revealed that Hamo was her baby daddy and has not been support her in raising the kids.

Hamo later on confirmed that he was her baby daddy adding that he has been helping her and sending money for upkeep.

Jemutai however, said that Hamo has not been helping her and shared receipts receipts showing that he had only sent her Ksh 9,000.

Before the situation could get off hand, their boss, Churchill intervened and the two agreed to settle their differences away from the public eye.

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