Man digs out friend’s Grave for failing to settle his debt before Dying

A man, seemingly grappling with financial hardship, shocked many when he resorted to an extreme act of desecration by disturbing the resting place of his deceased friend to unearth the corpse.

As the story goes, the man alleged that he had been engaged in a multi-million dollar business venture with the deceased, who had now passed away. He claimed that their business deal was valued at a considerable sum.

He went on to assert that his friend had wronged him by denying him his rightful share, which was supposed to amount to 2 million dollars. The man asserted that he had tirelessly pursued his friend for the money he was owed, even as the situation grew more dire, but his pleas had gone unanswered.

In a video that circulated widely on the internet, the aggrieved individual was seen at the gravesite of his late friend, clutching a shovel, and vocally expressing his frustration. He was heard saying, “Azaman, you had the audacity to pass away without settling my 2 million dollars. Why did you not depart this world when I was enduring severe hardship?”

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the emotional and financial turmoil that can result from disputes over money and the lengths to which people may go in their quest for justice or closure.