Nicholas Kioko: I’m Blessed Down There , Mimi na Wife Huwa Tunakulana Daily . -

Nicholas Kioko: I’m Blessed Down There , Mimi na Wife Huwa Tunakulana Daily .

Kenyan content creator and renowned YouTuber, Nicholas Kioko, recently made headlines in the online world when he candidly discussed his romantic relationship and the frequency of intimacy with his girlfriend, Ashley Wambo.

During an interview with Commentator, Nicholas Kioko and his partner Ashley Wambo openly acknowledged their adventurous nature when it comes to their romantic life, emphasizing their genuine enjoyment of daily intimate moments.

Kioko shared that ever since the birth of their twins approximately seven months ago, they have been indulging in daily intimate encounters, almost as if it has become a regular part of their routine. He humorously mentioned that he is particularly well-endowed in that department.

However, Kioko also revealed that the period during Ashley Wambo’s pregnancy was quite challenging for their romantic life. For about eight months, they faced obstacles and interruptions due to Ashley’s pregnancy-related discomfort and health concerns.

As adventurous spirits, the couple even demonstrated their unique approach to conceiving twins on live camera, showcasing their deep connection and comfort with each other.

Kioko mentioned that Ashley became pregnant while they were still living separately in her own house. But, currently, they are sharing a home as a committed couple, and they have future plans to formalize their relationship with marriage in the near future.