Mally Malkia Has Finally Showed Stevo Simple Boy’s Replacement -

Mally Malkia Has Finally Showed Stevo Simple Boy’s Replacement

Content creator and YouTuber Vincent Mboya has addressed rumors that he is dating artist Stevo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Mally Malkia. He stated that he is currently not dating and asked his fans to stop assuming that he is romantically involved with every woman he poses with or posts on his social media.

“I want to let everyone know that Mally is just a best friend to me, like Ruth K and Mulamwah. We are not dating. Right now, I just want to have best friends, and if you are a girl and want to be my friend, maybe I will introduce you to my friends next year when I turn 23,” he said.

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Mally became known to the public when Stevo introduced her as his girlfriend, proposed to her, and later it was revealed that the relationship was just for a music video. Mally later spoke about the strange working relationship she had with Stevo and his management, stating that they did not know anything about her real name or background. She also mentioned that the contract had ended and that she was single.

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A recent revelation by Kiss FM disclosed that Mally allegedly received 200k from Stevo for helping him sell music. The music video for “My Wedding” has received over 400k YouTube views to date. Stevo continues to rise in the music industry and recently hit 100k Instagram followers.

Vincent Mboya has also risen to fame and has been accused of chasing clout. He claimed that Jalang’o sent him money, but he returned it, stating that Jalang’o had treated him disrespectfully before trying to assist. Mboya, now a prominent figure in the showbiz industry, recently showed off a pricey flat with two bedrooms that he claims to be his own. He acknowledged how many doors Jalang’o’s name had opened for him and vowed to support Jalas and other young people as he had done for him.