Uchumi ni mbaya! Maina Kageni explains why he doesn’t have kids -

Uchumi ni mbaya! Maina Kageni explains why he doesn’t have kids

Prominent radio presenter, Maina Kageni, has recently shared his perspective on why he has no immediate plans to start a family.

In a candid discussion, Maina Kageni expressed his concerns about the current challenging economic climate, stating that bringing children into such conditions would be an unnecessary burden. He raised questions about the prevalent desire for larger families and pondered the practicality of raising multiple children amidst the economic challenges many face.

He remarked, “What is this obsession with having so many children? How can one possibly raise five kids in the midst of our current economic struggles? It’s the same people who are grappling with school fees, rent, and the complexities of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). Are the men from Murang’a known for their frugality or just exemplary financial planning?”

His co-host, Mwalim King’ang’i, offered a contrasting view, emphasizing the blessings that come with children. He said, “Children bring their own blessings. Each child comes with their own unique gifts and joys. The problems you face in life won’t be solved by avoiding children. In fact, some people find greater purpose and fulfillment in parenthood.”

Notably, a few months ago, Maina Kageni caused a stir among his fans when he posted a photo of himself with a young boy named Nathan. Many speculated that Nathan might be his son. However, it later emerged that Nathan is Maina’s godchild, and his mother is a close friend and colleague.

Maina Kageni, who is currently single, clarified his stance on his sexuality, firmly denying rumors that he is gay. He is known for maintaining a private personal life, keeping his romantic relationships away from the public eye.

In summary, Maina Kageni’s decision to postpone parenthood is driven by concerns about the economic challenges of our times. While opinions on this matter may vary, it’s clear that he values financial stability before embarking on the journey of raising a family. Furthermore, he is steadfast in his commitment to keeping his personal life, including his love life, out of the public spotlight.