Kitale Divorcee Collects His Dowry From In-laws After Court Ruling

A man who moved to court to recover the bride price from his in law is a happy man after he got back his cows and money this past weekend.

Wilberforce Saenyi Murunga had paid Sh50,000, three Ayrshire heifers, one cross Ayrshire bullock, one she-goat, one pair of gumboots and a hat as bride price for his now-estranged ex-wife Irine Khasoa. That was on April 27, 2019, at his Bungoma home.

On October 12, 2021, a Kitale court formally dissolved their marriage, with Murunga accusing Khasoa for abandoning their matrimonial home.

Murunga then moved to court to demand a refund of his dowry saying it was his right. He also told the court he was representing men who suffer in silence.

“I had issues with my ex-wife, like children. Customarily, if we had a son, that is two cows and a girl that is one cow. So I demand what is mine and my black sweat,” he said.

The court alluded the case to an mediation court which settled the matter in the complainant favour.

On Saturday, May 14, Murunga and his sibling Fred Matumbayi collected his three cows, a she-goat and Sh20,000 from his parents in law at the Chief’s office in Baraton, Kiungani, Kitale county.

As indicated by the undersigned parties’ agreement, Murunga relinquished one cow, Sh30, 000, and the rest of the items as a token of appreciation.

“I am excited and happy that the court has done justice for me. Since the aggressor happens to be a lawyer I never thought I would win this case and I thank God,” he told the Nation.

He said his ex had let him know she would win the case however his assurance made a big difference for him “and I believe everyone is equal before the law does not matter your status”.

Now we are officially not husband and wife anymore. She is free to move on and likewise since the dowry has been refunded back,” he said.

Murunga additionally encouraged men experiencing suffering in silence to come out of their comfort zone and seek justice.