“Ni Uongo mtupu”: Betty Kyallo Rubbishes Claims Her Alleged Boyfriend Is 21

Media personality Betty Kyallo has dismissed rumors that her alleged boyfriend is 21 years old.

During an exclusive interview on TV 47, comedian Eric Omondi joked about her revealing the age of her current boyfriend, who had gifted her a 77-inch TV. Kyallo firmly distanced herself from these rumors.

In her response, Kyallo clarified that her boyfriend, who gifted her the TV, is not 21 years old and doesn’t even live in Kenya.

“Someone said he is 21 years old. How now? There’s nothing like that. They got a lot of information wrong. The 21 is a lie, and he’s not 20 either, but older men are tired and have family issues. He didn’t even study at Machakos Boys and doesn’t live here in Kenya,” Kyallo said, addressing the age rumor about her boyfriend.

She added that she often comes across a lot of information online and wonders if it’s always about her.

“There are lies on the internet. I read them and wonder if they are really talking about me,” the media personality added.

Although Kyallo defended herself against dating a younger man, she mentioned that many older men are weary of relationships, suggesting that young men should be free to date women of their choice.

“You older men are so tired, with family issues and hypertension. Leave relationships to the young ones. As long as there’s love, I’m happy,” she asserted.

In an exclusive interview on Bahari Ya Elimu last weekend, Betty Kyallo revealed that she is currently not looking to date. However, she mentioned that if things go well, she plans to settle down with a Luhya man she is dating.