Diana Marua Breaks Silence After Victor Wanyama Rumored of Being Morgan’s Biological Dad

Diana Marua, the wife of Kenyan musician and politician Bahati, recently addressed rumors that soccer player Victor Wanyama may be the biological father of her and Bahati’s son, Morgan.

In a statement on social media, Marua said, “I have been quiet for the longest time because I believe that the truth will always come out.” She went on to say that she and Bahati have been together for over a decade and that Morgan is their child, biologically and legally. Marua also expressed disappointment in those who have spread the rumors and urged everyone to respect their family’s privacy.

Rumors of Wanyama being Morgan’s father began circulating after a photo of the two together was posted on social media, with many pointing out similarities in their appearance. However, Marua’s statement puts an end to these speculations and confirms that Bahati is indeed the father of their son.

It is unfortunate that rumors and speculations can cause harm to innocent parties, and in this case, it is the family of Bahati and Diana Marua. Such rumors not only cause distress to the family but also undermines the sanctity of the family institution. Such acts should be discouraged and the perpetrators held accountable.

In conclusion, Diana Marua has broken her silence and confirmed that Bahati is the father of their son, Morgan, putting an end to the rumors that had been circulating. She also urged for respect for their family’s privacy and this serves as a reminder that spreading rumors and speculations can have serious consequences and should be avoided.