Man cancels wedding after fiancé told him she has had 17 abortions

A young man has recently canceled his marriage plans after his fiance confessed to having more than 10 abortions. The young man, who had been dating his sweetheart for the past two years, anonymously shared his story on Facebook. He expressed his love for his fiance but disclosed that her past is a deal breaker for him.

Before the confession, the young man had never asked his girlfriend about her past. It was not until three weeks ago when he officially proposed marriage to her that they began to be truthful with each other. It was during this conversation that his fiance disclosed that she had 17 abortions in the past, in addition to her high body count.

The young man’s reaction to the news was one of shock and disappointment. He admitted that he could handle her body count, but 17 abortions were too much for him to accept. The young man, who has had his heart broken, stated that the marriage was no longer an option for him due to her past.

The young man, who has only been with two people in his entire life, including his fiance, stated that he cannot accept someone with such a past. While he acknowledged that his girlfriend is a good person, he believes that her past is too much for him to handle.

In conclusion, the young man’s decision to cancel his marriage plans due to his fiance’s past may seem harsh, but it is a personal decision that he has every right to make. It is essential to have open and honest communication with your partner, especially when it comes to past experiences that may affect your relationship. It is vital to make sure that you and your partner share similar values and beliefs to avoid potential issues in the future.