Pritty Vishy Opens Up On Why She Was Married 3 Times When She Was A Teenager

The renowned content creator, Pritty Vishy, has experienced three different marriages throughout her life. However, she managed to find her way back home and continue her education when issues arose with her husbands, ultimately completing her studies.

“When I would have disagreements with my husband, I would return home and resume school the next day. My mother was aware of this, and although she welcomed me back, she would also reprimand me physically. I would then run away again and go back to my husband, but I believe that God told me, ‘Pritty, I am not finished with you yet. You must fulfill your aspirations first, and marriage will come later,'” Pritty Vishy confided to Mungai Eve.

She expressed gratitude to God, as after going through multiple marriages, she can now settle into a lasting union. “I thank God because now, after all those marriages, I can finally establish a stable married life,” she added.

The up-and-coming rapper further elaborated on what led her to enter into marriages at such a young age. She revealed that her first marriage was a result of the sexual harassment she endured from her stepfather.

“I decided to get married because I was living with my stepfather, who often subjected me to sexual advances. He violated me in various ways, including inappropriate touching and fondling. I wanted to escape from that dreadful reality,” she shared.

“I was determined to leave that house because I witnessed my mother’s inability to free herself from that situation. That was my first marriage. I desperately tried to distance myself from that environment because I believed I didn’t deserve to be there,” she said, acknowledging her own responsibility for making misguided decisions due to the circumstances.

However, Pritty Vishy emphasized the importance of not making rash decisions simply to escape a difficult situation. She advised, “No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, do not make hasty decisions that may lead you to believe you deserved it because of what you’re going through at that moment.”

Her subsequent marriages during high school were primarily influenced by peer pressure and adolescent emotions. By that time, her mother had separated from her stepfather.

Despite the painful experiences she endured, the content creator maintains some level of communication with her stepfather, and they recently engaged in a live session together.

Pritty Vishy revealed that she forgave him after her mother spoke with her about it, even though he never apologized for his actions. “He never expressed remorse or offered an apology, even until now. However, my mother once told me that regardless of what my stepfather did to me, I should forgive him because he played a fatherly role and brought my beloved sister into this world. My mother’s words resonated with me, and she suggested that I let things cool down because that’s just life. Perhaps I went through all those marriages so that one day, I could inspire someone who finds themselves in a similar situation,” she shared.

Furthermore, Pritty Vishy disclosed that her stepfather approached her and requested that she remove the video in which she accused him of molesting her.

“While we aren’t particularly close, we do maintain some level of communication. There have been instances where he reached out to ask for assistance. However, I informed him that I would not take down the video because it could potentially help another child out there, and as long as my mother is okay with it, I will stand my ground,” she stated firmly.