“Wewe Ni Celeb ,Jenga Nyumba Mzuri Bana” Kenyans Tell Inspekta Mwala, After Showing His Village House

Inspector Mwala, also known as Davis Hezron Mwabili, has become the target of online mockery from Kenyans. The renowned actor faced criticism after showcasing his rural home background.

In Kenya, there is a common expectation among people that celebrities should reside in grand mansions, as it is often assumed that they possess substantial wealth. When Kenyans learned of Inspector Mwala’s choice to proudly display his village residence, they unleashed a barrage of criticism.

In response to the online backlash, Inspector Mwala defended himself by stating, “Fb iko na maneno, ooh ujajenga, si lazima niwaonyeshe kila kitu” (Facebook is full of words; oh, I’ve built, it’s not necessary to show everything).

Inspector Mwala has maintained a significant influence for an extended period, with his show, “Inspector Mwala,” being widely recognized by the majority of Kenyans. He has also served as a former presenter at Radio Citizen, contributing to his widespread fame and amassing a substantial following on his social media platforms.

Despite his established popularity, the backlash ensued when Inspector Mwala posted a photo of himself outside a traditional grass-thatched house, expressing his enjoyment of life in the village. Kenyans on Facebook swiftly jumped to conclusions, urging the actor to construct a more substantial mansion in the village. Many criticized the environment, deeming it unsuitable for a celebrity of Inspector Mwala’s stature.