“Macho ni kama zangu” – Andrew Kibe suspects he is the father of Thee Pluto’s baby, wants DNA -

“Macho ni kama zangu” – Andrew Kibe suspects he is the father of Thee Pluto’s baby, wants DNA

Controversial YouTuber Andrew Kibe has raised doubts regarding Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru’s recent revelation of their baby’s face. However, the couple decided to introduce their baby girl, Zoey, to their followers, relieving themselves of the burden of secrecy. The fans showered the pair with loving remarks and congratulations for their beautiful child, noting the resemblance to both parents.

On Monday, July 10, Andrew Kibe shared his thoughts on the baby’s resemblance to her parents in a YouTube video. In a playful manner, he expressed his disbelief, saying, “No! It’s a no for me. I don’t see any resemblance, let me not deceive you.”

Kibe shared Thee Pluto’s video and jokingly pointed out the contrast in skin tone between Felicity, Thee Pluto, and their baby. Teasingly, he claimed that the baby bore a closer resemblance to him, referring to his unique hairline and striking eyes that he humorously compared to spotlights.

“Haven’t you noticed that she has a hairline like mine… my hairline is always straight without any fuss. And her eyes shine like spotlights, just like mine,” Kibe remarked.

Contrary to the opinions of fans who praised Zoey’s resemblance to her parents, Kibe denied seeing any similarities. In a lighthearted manner, he advised Thee Pluto to consider conducting a DNA test to ascertain the truth about Zoey’s parentage. He emphasized the significance of DNA testing, regardless of whether people agreed or disagreed with his viewpoint.

“Whether you’re a hater or not, DNA is important,” he emphasized humorously.