Angel Waruinge: How Killing Tahidi High Miss Morgan Saved My Life

Angel Waruinge, formerly known for her role in Tahidi High, recently shared with muranganewspaper.co.ke the transformative journey she underwent by bidding farewell to her iconic character, Miss Morgan.

This decision, she emphasized, marked a pivotal moment that empowered her to embrace new opportunities and rediscover a vibrant passion for life. Angel is currently showcasing her acting prowess in the Showmax TV series, Kina, while also venturing into production. Additionally, she has enrolled in a two-year psychology school program, intending to utilize her past experiences as valuable lessons for future generations.

The actress, who has openly battled depression and alcoholism, has courageously documented her struggles. Angel actively involves herself in mentorship tours across numerous schools nationwide, where she, along with her colleagues, shares personal stories as cautionary and inspirational narratives to guide students away from potential pitfalls.

Recognizing the prevalent mental health issues faced by media personalities, Angel advocates for addressing these challenges directly. In response to this concern, she initiated her own show on her YouTube channel, creating a safe space for Kenyans to openly discuss mental health issues. Tina Kaggia is slated to be one of the show’s guests, with a primary focus on addressing various mental health problems.

Despite facing setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, Angel is determined and optimistic about her new TV show project. Part of the project was filmed in Mombasa, and although progress has been impeded, she remains enthusiastic about its future success.