Actress Trisha Khalid Denies Alleged Affair With content creator Flaqo

Kenyan actress Trisha Khalid firmly refutes any speculation of a romantic involvement with fellow Kenyan comedian and content creator, Flaqo. Rumors had been circulating among Kenyans on social media, especially as the two collaborated on content, notably without Flaqo’s girlfriend, Keranta, present.

Ankali Ray, a presenter at Milele FM radio, took the initiative to delve into the matter further through a phone interview with Trisha Khalid. In response to inquiries about her relationship with Flaqo, Trisha emphasized that their connection is purely professional.

“Ankali asked Trisha during their phone call, ‘So, what’s the deal with you and Flaqo? You seem quite close, and people are starting to speculate.'”

Trisha clarified, “Flaqo and I are simply friends working on content together. Just because someone is creating content with Flaqo, does that automatically mean they’re romantically involved? Our relationship is strictly business, and we maintain a good friendship.”

Furthermore, Trisha disclosed that she is currently in a relationship, dispelling any notions of her being single.

“I am involved with someone. I am not single. Who said I was single?”

While she declined to divulge further details about her romantic partner, Trisha assured that she is indeed seeing someone, leaving it at that for public knowledge.