Nadia Mukami surprises fans after saying Arrow Bwoy broke her virginity.

Kenyan musician Nadia Mukami recently made a surprising revelation about her relationship with fiancé Ali Yusuf, popularly known as Arrow Bwoy. During a candid Q&A session on their YouTube channel, the couple delved into personal details, with Arrow Bwoy posing the question, “Who broke your virginity?” Nadia responded playfully and promptly, saying, “You!” before bursting into laughter.

Initially taken aback, Arrow Bwoy expressed disbelief but eventually concurred, emphasizing his commitment to protecting and cherishing their family. “I love my family; I have to protect my family with all my heart. It’s me,” he affirmed in agreement with Nadia’s lighthearted response.

When questioned about his own first romantic encounter, Arrow Bwoy shared a humorous anecdote from his past. Recalling his high school days in form 2, he admitted attempting intimacy with a form 4 student, but the experience was less than enjoyable. He humorously stated, “I’d rather give me a car that has experience on the road than give me something that just came from the store.”

The conversation took a more intimate turn when Arrow Bwoy revealed unconventional locations for romantic encounters, mentioning the car and studio as memorable places. Reflecting on his romantic history, he admitted difficulty in recalling the name of the first girl he fell in love with.

Despite their candid revelations, the couple’s journey has not been without challenges. Over the four years of their relationship, they experienced a breakup and reconciliation. Tragically, they also faced the loss of a child who would have been born in 2021.

In a heartfelt message last year, Nadia expressed her decision to commit to a relationship with Arrow Bwoy, citing his treatment of her like a princess. She acknowledged their shared struggles and highlighted Arrow Bwoy’s qualities as a responsible family man. Nadia professed her love and eagerness to spend the rest of her life with the fellow artist, emphasizing their aligned goals and dreams.

The public became aware of Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami’s relationship in 2021, marking the beginning of their journey as a publicly recognized couple.